Lace Hill Academy

Values and Ethos

Theme Planning

When planning a Theme, we take account of our School Vision and Aims which are reflected in our Curriculum Aims

School Vision

For Lace Hill Academy to be a happy, caring and secure environment where pupils and staff flourish by feeling valued, safe and confident


School Aims

  •          To have high aspirations and ambition for all our pupils
  •          To ensure the well-being of all is a priority
  •          To provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve their goals academically, socially, emotionally and physically
  •          For children to develop a love of learning through the delivery of an inclusive, creative, inspiring and relevant curriculum
  •          To enable pupils to be independent, resilient and self-motivated learners
  •          To encourage pupils to show respect, consideration and take responsibility for all members of our school community, the local and wider environment
  •          To work in partnership with parents/carers and the wider community
  •          To create an ethos where successes are celebrated together; and friendship and kindness are encouraged and valued
  •          To encourage all pupils and staff to be positive and supportive of one another through all aspects of school life
  •          To encourage children to be honest and to have integrity