Lace Hill Academy


The thematic curriculum has the following structure:  

At Lace Hill Academy the curriculum is planned through a theme based approach. The themed approach is aimed to draw together and link different subjects to offer a deepened learning experience. Geography, History, Art and Design and Technology are linked through themes. Science topics are chosen to complement the theme where applicable.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2




Starting School




Traditional Tales

Growing plants


Safari Animals and Habitats

Year 1



How has life changed?

Whole school recovery curriculum 

How do we celebrate?

What’s happening in our world?

Are all homes the same?

Where do big cats come from?

What’s growing in the Garden?

Year 2



How has life changed?

Whole school recovery curriculum 


What were the people who lived in Buckingham like a 100 years ago?

Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people?


How have Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela helped to make the world a better place?


Why did the Titanic sink?


Where would you prefer to live? England or Africa?


Year 3



How has life changed?

Whole school recovery curriculum 

What is the deal with HS2?


Why were the Romans so powerful?


What caused the Mayan Civilisation to disappear?

Chocolate and Fairtrade

Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?


Year 4



How had life changed?

All the time in the world

What did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?

What did we learn from the Ancient Greeks?

Year 5



How has life changed?

Here we are (Oliver Jeffers)

What is the fascination life on Mars?

What was life like during WWII?

Why should rainforests be important to us all?

All about me-identity

Fitness/mental health and growth mindset

Year 6



How has life changed?

Whole school recovery curriculum

What makes Earth angry?

What makes a good leader?

To be or not be? That is the question.