Lace Hill Academy


At Lace Hill Academy, science is presented to the children in a practical, relevant context in order to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes about the world in which we live but also to encourage curiosity and promote a love of learning. It is taught through applied themes using Hamilton Trust Science.
Hamilton Trust Science
How do the themes develop my child’s skills in science?
Throughout each theme, key objectives taken from the National Curriculum are taught which enable children, each year, to gain in depth and secure knowledge within the three areas of science: biology, chemistry and physics. Within these themes, learning is underpinned by the Working Scientifically objectives which build upon the children’s investigate skills, allowing them to generate lines of enquiry and draw conclusions from these. The Working Scientifically objectives also encourage many cross-curricular links between maths and science.
Click here for the key objectives taken from the National Curriculum
How do we bring learning alive for your child?
We pose a strong emphasis on children leading, and actively participating in, their own practical investigations and experiments, exploring not only the school itself but the wider school environment and the local community. Visits to local places of interest, such as Salcey Forest, provide children with the opportunity to apply and revisit their learning and scientists are also invited into school to work alongside the children to not only build upon learning but to bring it alive and promote a passion for the subject.
How is your child's work assessed?
Within lessons, a range of assessment opportunities are planned in for the children to take part in and this enables their class teacher to continually measure and monitor progress within the Year Group Assessment statements. Please click here to see the list of the statements for each year group.
It is an exciting time here at Lace Hill Academy and we look forward to observing how our science units work with our children in developing their knowledge and skills in practical science. If you would like to find out more about Hamilton Trust Science, please visit Science | KS1 & KS2 | Lesson Plans & Resources | Hamilton Trust (