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At Lace Hill Academy we follow a primary music programme called Charanga Musical School to support teaching and learning in music.
What is Charanga Musical School?
Charanga Musical School is an online resource that brings together great music, lesson resources, up to date musical knowledge and educational technology. It supports all aspects of music at Lace Hill Academy and provides resources for whole school music activities. The learning within this programme is based on the key components of the primary music curriculum which are:
  • Listening and Appraising
  • Musical Activities - creating and exploring
  • Singing and Performing.
Click here to view our whole school music overview
How does Charanga Musical School develop my child’s skills in music?
The objectives from the National Curriculum are taught through half termly units of work and built upon each year. This enables children to gain in depth knowledge and a passion for music. Key units in each year teach the skills of learning to play an instrument and reading music. This then progresses to provide opportunities for performing and composing on the focus instrument as the children refine their skills. Every child at Lace Hill Academy learns to play the glockenspiel which begins in Year 1.

What is a typical music lesson like?
Every music lesson introduces the children to a new piece of music from a range of historical periods including the present day. The children are encouraged to identify musical elements like the pulse, rhythm and timbre within the music and identify the instruments that are being played. Background information about the composer and historical period are also shared with the children.

The children then take part in a selection of musical activities based around a focus song. These activities involve playing games to develop their core musical skills, singing and playing tuned and un-tuned percussion, improvising and composing using the focus song as a stimulus.
How is your child assessed?
During each unit your child will participate in a range of assessment activities within lessons and their class teacher will measure their skills progression using the Year Group Assessment Statements

Click here to view the target tracker statements for music for each year group
How do we provide other musical opportunities at Lace Hill Academy?
Children take part in regular singing assemblies where they are introduced to singing different types of music and throughout the year have opportunities to perform in front of parents and friends. There is also a weekly singing club lead by the local Rock Choir leader (add his name here) which takes place after school for pupils in year 2 upwards.
Children are also able to have individual guitar, ukulele and keyboard lessons which are organised through Bucks Learning Trust or Bittersweet Music
Finally… It is an exciting time here at Lace Hill Academy and we look forward to observing how Charanga Musical School works with our children in developing their skills in music.
If you would like to find out more about Charanga Musical School please visit
Here is a selection of our pupils taking part in class music lessons.