Lace Hill Academy

Lace Hill Pupil Parliament

At Lace Hill academy we believe every child should have a voice. This year we have a school parliament made up of 12 class MPs. These children have been elected by pupils and will be in role for the full academic year. New members of parliament will be elected in September 2022.

Fortnightly class meetings led by our class MPs ensure all pupils are able share their ideas about how to make a difference to our school and local community.  The school parliament meets regularly with the leadership team to put pupil’s ideas into action.


Each MP follows a set of principles:


  • to act with selflessness
  • to act with integrity
  • to be encouraging
  • to listen carefully
  • to act with honesty


As effective members of parliament we have impact on our school and community we put plans into action!


We believe School Parliament:

  • Encourages pupils to be active citizens in their school and local community.
  • Allows pupils to take responsibility for their school.
  • A tool to develop pupil self-esteem and confidence.
  • Enables pupils to understand the power of learning and supports them to develop new tools for learning.


We want to make a difference….


Current projects we are working on:

  • Developing our outdoor learning spaces.
  • We want to lead a democracy week for the whole school.