Lace Hill Academy


 Computing is a fundamental part of the curriculum at Lace Hill Academy and we recognise the growing use of IT equipment in everyday life, both at school and at home. Our learning follows a primary computing programme called Purple Mash and covers 4 specific areas: computer science – understanding how computers and computer systems work and how they are designed and programmed digital literacy – developing ideas and language through the use of ICT and using and applying these skills in other areas of the curriculum information technology – using IT devices to create programs and systems e-safety – teaching how to use the internet and other electronic media devices safely and responsibly What are our computing themes? The Purple Mash programme is broken down into different units which target the 4 specific areas mentioned above. Each year the units are built upon to ensure that the skills the children acquire are both advancing and age-appropriate.
What technology will your child have access to?
Every classroom at Lace Hill Academy is equipped with a state of the art interactive whiteboard that is used as a teaching aid by both teachers and pupil. Children are able to use it to write ideas, gather together information and research. The children have daily access to a class set of lap tops and Ipads to support their learning both of which have a variety of applications installed to support learning across the entire curriculum.
We know that in today’s digital age the internet and online technologies are an important part of children lives, both at home and at school, provided great opportunities for learning, communicating, playing and creating. As a result of this, we view e-safety is an integral part of your child’s education and so it is embedded in their learning at school to enable them to use the internet and digital media in a safe and secure way. Our regular e-safety assemblies address current issues and allow opportunities for the children to ask questions. These are supported by material from the Switched on E-Safety programme and
How is your child's work assessed?
Within lessons, a range of assessment opportunities are planned in for the children to take part in and this enables their class teacher to continually measure and monitor progress within the Year Group Assessment statements.