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The Government have said they would like all schools to develop their own systems to assess the learning of children against national expectations. Lace Hill Academy has chosen to use Target Tracker to help us record, analyse and report where children are in their learning. We are able to tell you where your child is working in relation to the expectation for their age and what your child needs to learn next to make progress.

The process we use requires the teacher to carry out a range of assessment activities within the class and assess each child against the content of the curriculum. This is known as ‘formative assessment’, it helps the teacher know what the child can do well and what they need to practice. The teacher marks against statements, for your child saying if they are ‘working towards’, ‘at expected’ or ‘greater depth’. This informs the less frequent ‘summative assessment’ from which an indication of your child’s attainment in relation to the expectation for their age can be determined.

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