Lace Hill Academy

Year 6

Summer Term 

English – Non-fiction

Our writing during summer focused on Skellig by David Almond. We created our own creatures based on Skellig and used the opening chapters to write our own short stories. We made our own front covers and blurbs too before we displayed them in the classroom. This term we also produced writing based on short films. We watched the music video to Titanium and then wrote a narrative to read alongside the film.



We have been focusing this term on developing our reasoning and problems solving skills as well as consolidating our learning to prepare for the KS2 assessments. We enjoyed the theme park project where we had to use our measuring skills to design a theme park before working out the cost of building and running the park with a specific budget. This was then linked to our writing skills where we designed leaflets, adverts and Powerpoints to advertise our theme parks.



This term our topic was democracy. We learnt about key times throughout history that have had an impact on democracy today and had many discussions about current political issues. We learnt about the structure of Parliament and compared it to democracy in Ancient Greece. We finished off this topic by taking a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London. This was an amazing opportunity for us with a tour, where we learnt more of the history of Parliament, and a debating workshop, where we thought about new laws we would like to pass.



The children have been learning how faith is expressed through the arts. They have explored different religions, including Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, and researched drawings, scupltures, writing and music. The class had the opportunity to recreate different types of art before creating their own information text on religion through art.


Kingswood Residential

Year 6 went on Lace Hill’s first residential trip in June. The whole class went to Kingswood, in Staffordshire, where they spent the week undertaking different activities. Some of the activities included zipwire, climbing, trapeze and orienteering. It was lovely to see the class work as a team and really encourage each other to take on new challenges. What a tiring but fun week!


Hoodwinked Performance

During the last half-term, Year 6 were busy preparing for their end of year production: Hoodwinked. This was performed to the whole school and parents in the last week. The children worked really hard to learn their lines, practise songs (including solos) and act on stage. It was a fantastic performance that the whole class should be really proud of.

Spring Term


English – Non-fiction

Our writing has been inspired by the story of Malala Yousafzai and her extraordinary life. We read her autobiography and researched life in Pakistan to produce a biography about Malala and a report on Pakistan. The children really worked hard on these as they had to research and understand a lot of specific vocabulary that Malala used in her autobiography.


English – Shakespeare

This half-term we have been exploring one of Shakespeare’s plays: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This has been quite challenging as again we have had to unpick the vocabulary that Shakespeare used. From this we have written play-scripts, narratives for a scene and created some modern-day snippets of the script and diary entries.



We have been focusing this term on shape, statistics, ratio and fractions. These topics have all involved us learning specific skills, such as methods and drawing angles accurately, before applying the skills in different contexts. Shape and Statistics have been particularly challenging as both of these topics have involved us drawing and constructing accurate shapes and pie charts – we’ve realised how accurate we need to be when measuring and drawing angles. We have continued to practise our methods for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, and are now much more confident in solving problems involving fractions.


In Science this term we have been learning about electricity and classification. We carried out investigations involving circuits and the components used; we also draw scientific diagrams with the correct symbols to show the circuits we created. During our classification topic, we began by classifying sweets to show that you can ask specific questions to identify each individual sweet. This then led to us finding out about Linnaeus and classifying all living things into five kingdoms. We created information texts and Top Trump cards to help support our learning in this topic.


The children have been learning about conflict in RE. They have enjoyed learning about the story of Creation from different religions and people, especially the similarities and differences between them. This then led to us comparing creation theories between religion and Science and the conflict that arises from these different views. To finish our topic, we looked at different environmental issues (such as fracking) and the opinions that religious groups have on these issues in relation to their beliefs about creation.



This half-term we have been learning to play the glockenspiels to a well-known song: Happy by Pharrell Williams. Not only have we been playing the glockenspiels, but we have also been singing at the same time – some of us on lead vocals and some of us the backing vocals. This has been very challenging for the class but we have really persevered with it and it has been enjoyable doing this to a song we like singing too!


This term we have been creating our own text adventures; these were centred on a story full of different scenarios for the audience to choose from as they were reading. First of all, we had to plan our stories online, using a concept mapping tool to show each part of the story, the 2 options for the scenario, and then the consequence of choosing each scenario. We used 2CreateAStory to then create an interactive and animated story. Each page then had to have links created within them so that when a scenario was chosen it would navigate the audience to the next appropriate page.



In the first half-term we studied Paul Cezanne and his still life paintings. The classroom was set up with the objects on a table in the middle of the room and the children all got to choose their position to sketch from. We spent a lot of time focusing on proportion and shape when drawing inanimate objects which was quite tricky. We also looked at creating shape by drawing small faint lines, rather than pressing too hard on the pencil. Our finished products are something that we are really proud of.

Autumn Term


English – Narrative

Our writing has been inspired by the story ‘River Boy’ by Tim Bowler, the tale of girl whose grandfather is unwell and wants to complete his final painting. We analysed an extract of the story where there is a threat to the characters to learn how the author builds tension and uncertainty. We learnt that the author achieved this by using short sentences, using actions verbs and describing the characters’ feelings. We used these techniques to create our own stories with threats and build up suspense, which has resulted in some brilliant stories! 


We have been revising the four operations, fractions and converting units of measure this term and we have learnt how to convert fractions into decimals, ratio and algebra. In all of these topics we have been applying our understanding of concepts to solving word problems. We have also spent time in all of these topics trying to reason and prove our answers to help us become better mathematicians; this even includes explaining how someone might have gone wrong in a calculation. 


In Geography this term we have been using atlases to locate world countries and locations in North and South America. We then focused on these two continents and how the land is used, comparing physical and human features. This then helped us to learn how humans have used the land to support the economy and bring visitors to key attractions. We have also identified what imports and exports are and the difference between them.



In Science this half-term we have been learning about the circulatory system and how it works inside of our bodies. We have used information books and researched online to find out more about the components of blood and how blood travels through our heart. We finished the unit by writing an explanation text to explain how our circulatory system works. 


We have been using Excel this half-term in Computing and have been learning about all of the different functions that it has that can support us in everyday life. We have created sporting league tables and used formula for the four operations to find the number of games played, total points and goal difference. This has been a new experience for us as we are used to working out our calculations ourselves instead of having computer software do it for us!



We have been fortunate enough to take two trips already this year in our class. In September we went to The Buckingham School to watch a performance about online safety. This really made us think about how people act online and what we should do to ensure we are safe when communicating online. We also visited the Science Museum in London where we had the chance to enhance our learning through practical activities as everything we experienced was interactive.


This half-term we have been learning to play the glockenspiels to a piece of music called ‘Bacharach Anorak’. Within in the piece of music there is an improvising section and in small groups we have composed this section ourselves. Here is the final piece played and composed by Zak and Luca.