Lace Hill Academy

Year 5

Summer Term 
English – Narrative

Our writing has been inspired by the story of Varjak Paw by SF Said, the tale of a Mesopotamian Blue kitten who discovers a secret martial art for cats and uses it to survive in a dangerous city full of mysterious vanishings. We analysed an extract of the story closely to learn how the author builds suspense for the reader and then we used these techniques to write a suspense piece of our own. Our favourite technique was trying to create a sense of the unknown for the reader to make them desperate to read on. We also developed our performed poetry, focusing on the text The British by Benjamin Zephaniah. We thought about what it means to us to be British and how this is represented in the poem.


We started this half-term by learning about finding area, perimeter and volume as well as revising how to convert units of measurement. We have revised time and how to convert times from the 12 hour clock to the 24-hour clock. We have found out about how to solve calculations that involve more than one operation and now understand the order of operations. Throughout all our work in maths, we have been applying our understanding of key concepts to solving word problems.



Our highlight this term was most definitely our visit to the Royal Latin School for their Science Fair.  We learnt how to create different chemical reactions, some actually involving everyday household products, and had the opportunity to use some of their brilliant scientific equipment. We each came away with a souvenir too, a mug hand-painted with thermochromic paint. Ask the children if they can explain the science behind these paints


Our History topic this term transported us right back to the Ancient Mayan Civilisation and we learnt the process of chocolate making, from bean to bar.  We combined this knowledge with our writing skills to write an explanation text of how chocolate is made. Comparing the Ancient Mayan Number system and alphabet with our own proved interesting and the children were able to make links with their prior knowledge of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics which was very impressive
 Spring Term 
English – Writing Reports about Climate Change

In English, we have been writing information texts about various aspects of climate change with a focus on structuring our paragraphs effectively.   We have learnt how to write detailed, cohesive paragraphs and also to make links between and within them.  We were also able to apply our touch-typing skills from Computing when word processing them.  Here are some of the published versions by Imogen, Anca and PJ.


This term, the children have been applying their knowledge and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages to word problems and have learnt how to convert between them.  We have also been working with statistics, reading information from a range of line graphs and will now be able to use these skills to analyse data in our Science investigations in the Summer term.  Our final focus in maths was 3D shape, which involved drawing nets, calculating the volume of cubes where parts were missing. Here is a selection of our work.

Science – Forces in Action

In science this half-term, we have been learning about forces and have carried out practical investigations into air resistance, water resistance and gravity. We have carried out these with increasing independence, deciding on our own investigation question and gathering the resources we’ll need to use.  We finished the unit by inventing our own Rube Goldberg machines, designed to use pulleys, gears and levers to carry out an everyday task such as making the bed or turning off a light switch. 


Music – Pop and Hip Hop

The first half-term, we focused on British Pop Ballads and learnt ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele.  We learnt to play musical motifs on the glockenspiel and composed short pieces to play during the instrumental sections of the song. During the second half term, we focused on American Hip Hop and learnt the theme tune to ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. We learnt how Hip Hop music originated in the 1980’s and how it has evolved over recent years. We enjoyed performing the rap at the end of term to an audience.


History – Ancient Beliefs

Our History topic saw us explore the beliefs of Ancient Civilisations such as the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians and make comparisons between them and the Vikings.  We used various different sources of information to gather knowledge and were able to decide how reliable the sources were at providing true information.  Here are some examples of how we presented our learning.

Autumn Term 

Maths – Decimals

This term, the children have been further extending their understanding of place value, building on learning from year 4. Our main focus has been to develop a clear understanding of decimals and we have learnt how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them, using formal written methods.  In order to have the opportunity to apply our learning in a real-life context, we have used our knowledge of decimals to solve problems involving money and measures and some of us have even begun to crack multi-step word problems.  Here are some examples of our learning.

English – Tom’s Midnight Garden

The children have begun reading Tom’s Midnight Garden, a classic children’s novel written by Philippa Pearce.  We have explored the opening of the text in detail, learning about the characters and their personalities.  This enabled us to write a letter in role, from Tom to his brother Peter and the children made fantastic old-fashioned language choices to fit with the time period in which the story is set.  We then looked at the exact house that inspired Philippa Pearce to write the book.  The children learnt how to write house advertisements to sell the building, with a focus on using persuasive language to engage the reader. Below are a selection of our persuasive advertisements for you to enjoy, as well as being displayed in the school corridor.

Geography – North America

Our Geography topic this term has taken us all the way to North America and we have learnt about the some of the countries within the continent in depth. We focused mainly on the different natural disasters experienced across North America, and learnt about the different causes and effects of these. In order to keep up to date with current affairs, we produced news bulletins about the California wildfires after collecting research from news articles.  Below is a selection of our work from the last term including a news report about Hurricane Harvey, an eyewitness account of Kilauea and a diagram and explanation of how tornadoes are formed.   

Design Technology

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their projects this term, where they applied their science skills to make a winter or festive themed decoration light that included a switch.  They learnt how to follow a design brief and used their imaginations to come up with their own design.  The children then thought carefully about the steps they needed to take in order to create their product whilst solving any problems that they encountered. Our plans are on display in the corridor and we look forward to showing our finished products.


The children have been learning about Morals and Ethics in RE. They have enjoyed looking at moral dilemmas in different situations.  They have also been learning about stories that guide believers about what is right and wrong.  The children loved exploring the story of Adam and Eve in more detail, deciding who was to blame and why.

Science – The Earth and beyond

Our Science this year started with a bang as we studied the Earth’s movement in space. We started by exploring early theories that the earth was flat and researched the role modern technology played in revealing that it is, in fact, spherical along with the sun, moon and other planets. Through creating detailed diagrams and explanations, the children now understand why earth experiences night and day and have observed the changes in the moon.

In the second half of the term, our topic of ‘Marvellous Mixtures’ gave us the opportunity to develop our practical skills in Science. The children learnt how to plan their own investigations involving dissolving and saturation and we are currently learning how to write scientific conclusions to explain our findings. 

Modern Foreign Language Day – February 2019 

On Monday 25th March, Year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to a Modern Foreign Language Festival at The Buckingham School.  We took part a wide range of activities, learning French, Spanish and even Mandarin and really enjoyed being taught by the teachers and Year 10 pupils.  The teachers were all very impressed with how well the children spoke Spanish!  In the afternoon, the children chose to take part in either Science, PE, Computing or Art which gave us a real feel of what life is like at secondary school.


Faith Tour – April 2019

In RE we have continued to explore different places of worship. We enjoyed visiting a gurdwara, mosque and church in Bedford. It was a really interesting experience and we loved hearing about the beliefs and practices of different faiths. We have also been finding out about the beliefs different religions share about the teachings of God