Lace Hill Academy

Year 3

Spring Term 


In the first half term, the children enjoyed learning about multiplication and division.  They have been singing songs and playing lots of fun maths games to help them remember their 3x 4x and 8x table.  They have learnt how to use a formal written method to multiply and divide.

In the second half term, the children learnt all about measure. They now know how to convert between units of length, mass and capacity.  They have learnt how to read scales in a range of measures. They then applied their learning to a range of measures word problems.

Towards the end of term, the children have learnt how to add and subtract money using a formal written method. 


Year 3 have been very busy during the Spring term. They began by studying ‘The Tunnel’ which is an adventure story written by Anthony Browne. The children enjoyed planning and writing their own setting description to be added into this story where they thought carefully about descriptive language techniques. They finished this narrative unit off by writing their own adventure story based on ‘The Tunnel’ and included a description of a setting of their choice. The children then moved onto a non-fiction topic of instructions. This unit was based on the topic the children had studied during DT. During this English topic, the children improved a recipe, on how to make a bread roll, by adding in the different features they had learnt about.

During the second half term, the children studied the opening of ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes to identify what makes an effective story opening. The children were gripped by this story and enjoyed rewriting the opening from the Iron Man’s point of view. This then led into the children writing their own story opening based on what they had read. The non-fiction topic for the second half term was non-chronological reports. During this topic, the children successfully wrote their own report on an unusual animal of their choice.


The children started the term off by learning all about light. They have learnt about light sources, how we see things and reflection. Throughout the term, they carried out a number of different scientific investigations and were able to draw conclusions about what they had found out. For example, when learning about shadows, the children investigated how a shadow changed as it moved away from the light source. They also tested a number of different materials to identify which one was best to make a pair of curtains that blocked out the light.

During the second half term, the children learnt all about rocks and soils. They learnt about the different types of rocks and their formation. They also learnt about the fossilisation process and the different types of fossils that can be found. During the topic, the children carried out a range of tests to identify the characteristics of different rocks. They finished off the unit by looking at the soil profile and how compost is made.

Design Technology

This term the children have completed 2 projects in DT.  In the first project the children learnt about bread, the its ingredients and the variety of breads found across the world.  This involved a very enjoyable tasting session!  The children then learnt how to make a simple bread roll.  Following this, the children adapted the recipe and created their own bread roll with additional ingredients such as cheese and poppy seeds.  In the second half term, the children learnt about levers and linkages.  They designed their own Iron Man creature (linked to English) that involved a linkage system.


In Geography, the children have really enjoyed learning about physical and human features in the UK.  They have been developing their map skills with our Atlases, looking at large cities and counties across the UK.  The children have learnt about the three peaks: Ben Nevis, Snowdon and Scafell Pike.  They have also found out about the evolution of transport in the UK and why railways were needed in the industrial revolution.  Their learning was further enriched with a visit to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre where the children found out more about the history and impact of the railways in an action packed day.  This included a ride on a real steam train and a whole class ride on the miniature railway!

Autumn Term


The children have been working hard this term to ensure they have a good understanding of place value into the thousands. They have been learning how to use different methods to solve addition and subtraction word problems. In shape, space and measure the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and used art straws to make accurate models of shapes.  


In poetry this term the children enjoyed creating free verse and limerick poems; learning about the different poetic devices in the two styles of poetry.


In narrative we learnt the fable of The Mouse and the Lion and the children enjoyed writing their own version choosing different characters and thinking of the moral of their own story. They learnt how to be journalistic writers and created their own newspaper report about a superhero. We tried not to get up to too much mischief when reading the play scripts of The Twits! We finished the term writing a letter to Santa Claus and are all very excited to give them to him at the Christmas Party!



The children have enjoyed learning about Stone Age Art; looking at the different techniques and equipment that was used by Stone Age Man. They particularly enjoyed creating their own Cave paintings of prehistoric creatures and using their hands as stencils.

The children have also been studying the work of William Morris.  They learnt about the different designs he created and how he took his inspiration from nature during the Victorian era of the industrialisation.  The created their own repeating pattern designs taking their inspiration from his prints.



The children have enjoyed learning about forces this half-term.  We made windmills and tested the power of the forcer of the wind and how this changed in the different positions in the playground.

The children loved working in groups to test each surface.  The children also enjoyed learning about magnets.  They worked in groups to investigate magnetic materials and recorded their observations. The had lots of fun making race tracks and investigating which magnetic material moved the fastest around the track and trying to explain why.

We have also been learning about our amazing bodies, thinking about what we need to survive. We have been studying our skeletons and making comparisons between the skeletons of different animals. We have looked at our muscles and learnt how these work too. We have designed our own vertebrates and planned an investigation to see if the differences in the size and build of our bodies effects how we perform certain athletic tasks.



We started the term learning about the Stone Age, using timelines to understand how long ago the Stone Age started and how it continued for a very long period of time. We learnt about the developments that occurred in these early civilisations during this time. We found about: what they ate, where they lived and made comparisons between life in the Stone Age and life today.

This half term we been learning about the Romans. We travelled back in time to experience what we could see, smell, and hear during the Roman times. We thought about why the Romans came here and what the life of a Roman Soldier would have been like. The children had a fantastic day on our school trip to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery experiencing the life of a Roman Soldier and studying Roman Art work. The Children then used these skills to create their own Roman mosaics.



During our first topic “Let Your Spirit Fly” the children loved learning a number of different soul classics by famous artists including Michael Jackson, Barry White and Marvin Gaye. This half term they have enjoyed learning to play the Glockenspiel, mastering some basic notes and rhythmic patterns.