Lace Hill Academy

Year 2

Spring Term


In computing we have been learning about digital art. We have been learning how to transfer famous artistic styles into digital art. We did an artist study on Piet Mondrian here are some of our creations.


In Music many children in our class performed in the music assembly we were so excited to listen to members of our school community performing. In our curriculum lessons we have been focusing on learning how to play the Glockenspiel. We have learnt how to read notation and enjoyed working in partners to create our own pieces of music.


Guided reading

Reading is a really important part of the school day in Year 2 and we have been working really hard this term on our comprehension skills. We have been learning how to make inferences using words we have read to determine how a character is feeling and explaining our answers in full sentences. Extracting information from the text is important and we have been learning how to underline the information we need to answer questions about the books we have been reading.



In History we have been learning all about inventions. We had a fantastic day out at Bletchley Park. We learnt all about the local history and were excited to find out we live so close to a very important place in history. We enjoyed looking at the Enigma machine and creating our own secret codes.

Autumn Term 

The Science Fair - Science

On Thursday 1st November, we took part in a Science Fair which was hosted by The Royal Latin School. During the day we participated in a selection of science experiments. We tested different household liquids to see if they were acid or alkaline and made hovercrafts, bouncy balls, bath bombs and lava lamps all in one day! We had a great time. Our favourite part of the day was watching a magic show. We learnt all the scientific facts behind each trick! Below are some photographs from the event.

English – Writing stories based on Oi! Get Off Our Train

In English we have written our own invented stories based on the story Oi! Get Off Our Train by John Burningham. We invented our own characters who travel on an imaginary journey and meet lots of animals that are in danger. Here is Charlie’s story for you to read.

Maths – Multiplication and Division

In maths we have been learning how to multiply and divide. We started by using equipment to create arrays before practising our times tables by counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Here is some of our work from our practice books.

Portraits - Art

In our art lessons we have been learning how to draw portraits. We have created portraits in different styles using watercolours and pencil techniques. Here is a selection of our self-portraits that we created using pencil.