Lace Hill Academy


Spring Term 


Art and Design

Art and design in Early Years is broken down into two aspects: Exploring and using media and materials and Being imaginative. The children are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of activities such as art, music, design, dance and role play.

During the spring term we have observed a growing interest in building and designing with recycled resources. Junk box modelling has excited and stimulated the children’s imaginations and many have created unique and individual masterpieces!

Along the way the children have developed new skills and learn't how to use a variety of tools safely. We encourage creativity and children to think independently. The children have free range in terms of what they can use and how they want to use it.



Literacy covers reading and writing. In Early Years this incorporates talking about books, print in the environment, mark making, and sharing and reading books.

During the Spring term we have seen a number of children beginning to develop their mark making skills.

We have strived to provide plenty of opportunities for purposeful mark making by encouraging the children to label their own work, write letters and cards, send pictures to their friends and to draw.

To support this new found interest we have provided activities to develop the children’s muscles in their hands and fingers in readiness for writing such as play dough, using tweezers, scissors and playing with Lego.

Nursery outings

This term we visited Green Dragon Eco Farm along with the children from Reception. For some this was their first trip without their parents and carers as well as a ride on a bus!

We fed the goats and sheep, met the grumpy pig and learnt all about owls and kestrels. We also had time for lots of fun in the park!


Celebrations and festivals

Along with birthdays and special family occasions we have also explored different festivals and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, World Book Day and Comic Relief.

We even enjoyed story time in Russian!


Communication and Language

Communication and Language is one of the three prime areas of learning within the EYFS the other two being Personal, Social and Emotional and Physical development.

In Nursery we provide the children with lots of opportunities to talk with their peers and adults within the setting to develop their speaking, listening and understanding skills.

The children particularly enjoy the seasonal interest table where they have lots of exciting things to explore using all of their senses developing their understanding and vocabulary.

Personal, Social and Emotional development:

Personal, Social and Emotional development encompasses self-confidence, managing feelings and behaviour and making relationships. Our main focus for the beginning of the academic year was to ensure that all of the children were happy and settled within the Nursery environment and excited to come and play and learn.

All families are offered a home visit and a settling in session for their child before they start at Nursery. This has helped the children to feel confident within the setting enabling the settling in process to be far quicker and smoother.

The children have already begun to form good relationships with both peers and adults and will often seek out others to share experiences.

Physical development

Physical development includes both fine and gross motor skills from riding the trikes to threading, digging in the sand to exploring clay. All activities are introduced to encourage muscle development in the children’s arms, wrists and fingers in preparation for writing.

In addition the Nursery children have a weekly PE session either outside or in the school hall where they practice new skills such as throwing, catching, running, jumping and team games.


Nursery Outings:

During the Autumn Term Nursery went on an autumn walk along the bridle way near to the school. We enjoyed looking for autumnal treasures such as leaves, sticks and acorns; we even found some dinosaur footprints! On our way back to Nursery we visited the local park.

Celebrations and Festivals:

This term the children have enjoyed finding out about different celebrations and festivals such as Diwali, Children in Need, Remembrance Day, Bonfire Night, Hanukkah and Christmas. We have also enjoyed celebrating each other’s birthdays and special achievements.