Lace Hill Academy

Nursery Class

Spring Term

Physical development

Physical development encompasses gross motor and fine motor skills as well as health and self-care. The children enjoy their weekly PE session with Mrs Toomey where they are encouraged to think of new ways of moving their bodies and the space outside in Nursery provides lots of opportunities for the children to run, jump, climb, bounce and skip. This term we have also introduced Yoga and mindfulness to the children to help support their mental health and well-being.

In Nursery the children are constantly developing their fine motor skills and building their muscles in their hands in preparation for writing we regularly enjoy activities such as mark making, threading and playdough. Here the boys are trying very carefully to balance the hedgehogs on top of each other and to twist the nut onto the bolt at our Funky Fingers table.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children’s social skills have developed well and strong relationships are building in Nursery and as their confidence grows the staff are able to observe the ways in which the children learn. We have many ‘critical thinkers’ in Nursery who have their own creative ideas and who are able to make decisions, plan how they are going to do something and to find different solutions if their plan isn’t successful. We often see this when children are constructing and building,  here the boys are building a helicopter after seeing one fly over the school, they are trying very hard to balance the propellers on the top without them falling off and are working together sharing their ideas without no adult input.

 Understanding of the World

In Nursery we have enjoyed finding out about other children around the world and the different festivals that they celebrate. This term we have looked at Chinese New Year and have raised money for children in Africa through Sports Relief.

This has raised lots of questions amongst the children at Circle time which has now led us to start looking at the World map together to find out where all of the different countries are. We are now using the map to explore where we live and where we go on our holidays.

Spanish Lessons
The children have enjoyed there Spanish lessons with Mrs Rodriguez on a Monday morning. Their enthusiasm and excitement are a joy to watch and they are quickly learning the words and actions to many of the songs.


World Book Day 

The staff and children in Nursery enjoyed World Book day and came dressed as their favourite characters. The children love to dress up and enjoyed having their photographs taken so much that we made our own book to share with others.


Autumn Term

Communication and Language

Communication and Language is one of the three prime areas of learning within the EYFS the other two being Personal, Social and Emotional and Physical development. Within Nursery we strive to provide the children with every opportunity to talk with their peers and adults within the setting to develop their speaking, listening and understanding skills.

Our new addition to the Nursery this year is our lunch room which has become a great space for the children to enjoy a relaxed and social lunchtime with lots of opportunities to talk with their peers.


Personal, Social and Emotional development:

Personal, Social and Emotional development encompasses self-confidence, managing feelings and behaviour and making relationships. Our main focus for the beginning of the academic year was to ensure that all of the children were happy and settled within the Nursery environment and excited to come and play learn.

The Nursery children were quick to settle and to pick up the Nursery routines and boundaries. Good relationships between peers and adults are forming and the children are beginning to develop their social skills.

Physical development

The Nursery children look forward to their weekly PE session in the hall with Mrs Toomey. They have enjoyed a variety of physical play from climbing apparatus, balloons, balls and hoops to music and movement and are learning about the effects of physical exercise on their bodies.

In addition to PE the Nursery timetable allows plenty of opportunities for further Physical development including both fine and gross motor skills from riding the trikes outside to funky finger activities inside.
This half term the Nursery children have also enjoyed being Nature explorers going out and about in their community collecting Autumn treasures to investigate in Nursery.

We have also looked at how children celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali by making Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns.