Lace Hill Academy

Geography and History

At Lace Hill Academy we teach history and geography through creative themes designed by Chris Quigley Education.
What are our creative themes?



To investigate and interpret the past.

To build an overview of world history.

To understand chronology.

To communicate historically.


To investigate places.

To investigate patterns.

To communicate geographically.


How do the themes develop my child’s skills in history and geography?

Key objectives from the National Curriculum are taught through each theme and built upon each year. This enables children to gain in depth knowledge and develop a passion for our past and the world we live in.  Each Key Stage have themes which continue across two year groups. These are listed below:


Amazing Places and Spaces

Cracking Inventions

Great and Ghastly Events

Brazilian/ Australian Adventures

Lower KS2

The Arts

Land of Hope and Glory



Upper KS2

Land of the Free


Rich and Poor

Achievements and Legacies


How do you bring learning ‘alive’ for my child?

Opportunities to enrich your child’s learning are offered through visits to local places of interest and educational establishments further afield such as London and Birmingham.

Outside experts are also invited to work alongside the children to enthuse and develop their enquiring minds, answering their questions of ‘why’ and ‘how’?

During lessons we also use a range of artefacts, videos and books so that the children can become immersed in their learning.  


 How is your child’s work assessed?

During each theme unit your child will participate in a range of both formal and informal assessment activities within lessons such as questioning, written work and quizzes. This will allow the class teacher to measure their skill progression against the Year Group Assessment statements. Please click to see the list of statements for each