Lace Hill Academy

50 Free Things to Do During Lockdown

  1. Write a short story and make it into a book

  2. Watch a film and write a review

  3. Watch a documentary. Can you remember three facts?

  4. Make salt dough and make a model

  5. Paint with Bob Ross; check out the instructional videos online

  6. Write a song and perform it to an audience (can be your toys!)

  7. Pop into the Tate

  8. Experience the British Museum

  9. Do some karaoke

  10. Try a fitness challenge

  11. Arrange a virtual party

  12. Make a birdfeeder

  13. Get a penpal

  14. Cook something new

  15. Play a board game

  16. Learn a language

  17. Go on a bug hunt

  18. Make a flipbook animation

  19. Write a letter to an important person; see if you get a reply

  20. Make a paper boat and watch it float (hopefully!)

  21. Go to the aquarium- live cams

  22. Tidy your bedroom!

  23. Play ‘The Floor is Lava’

  24. Visit Yellowstone National Park

  25. Go cloud watching. Can you see some shapes that remind you of anything?

  26. Build a den

  27. Stretch out with a yoga class

  28. Have a work out

  29. Write in hieroglyphics

  30. Make a paper aeroplane and see how far it will fly

  31. Taste a fruit or vegetable you have not tried before

  32. Learn a poem off by heart and recite it

  33. Do a jigsaw puzzle

  34. Meditate

  35. Have a kitchen dance party

  36. Create wild art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

  37. Make a friendship bracelet

  38. Make a No-Sew teddy bear –

  39. Upcycle old clothes or accessories

  40. Junk model making; use used packaging

  41. Play a card game

  42. Read or listen to a book

  43. Interview an older member of your family or friend: What was life like before the internet?

  44. Start a virtual book club with your friends or family

  45. Make a sock puppet

  46. Listen to the bird chorus at sunrise or sunset

  47. Bird watching, bird identification

  48. Keep a nature diary

  49. Do a self-portrait

  50. Grow something from a seed (try seeds from a tomato or strawberry)